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Black Powder Manufacturing, Testing & Optimizing
By Ian von Maltitz. Written in the new millennium this book reflects changes in the approach to maki..
Blast Effects on Buildings, Second Edition
Focused on the design of commercial buildings, this publication is an indispensable guide to help en..
Blast Vibration Monitoring and Control
By Charles H. Dowding. Recent advances in earthquake engineering and nuclear blast protection design..
Blaster's Guide Third Edition
Provides methods, formulas and charts to estimate burden, spacing, stemmimg and subdrilling as well ..
Blasting and Fragmentation Journal
Published twice a year, this ISEE publication includes articles authored by scientists and engineers..
Blasting Damage and Other Structural Cracking
A guide for adjusters and engineers by American Insurance Services Group. Used by insurance companie..
Blasting Guidance Manual
By the U.S. Dept. of Interior. Authors: Michael F. Rosenthal and Gregory L. Morlock. Deals with the ..
Blasting in Mines - New Trends
Blasting practices in mines have undergone many changes in the recent past and continue to be honed ..
Blasting Principles for Open Pit Mining
By William Hustrulid. Vol. 1 General Design Concepts; Vol 2 Theoretical Foundations. Serves as both ..
Blasting Specifications for Construction Projects
By Calvin J. Konya. This book provides the specifications for construction blasting projects that ca..
Blasting Technique
By Rune Gustafsson. Describes charge calculation and loading for bench blasting, trenching, tunnelin..
Blasting Techniques I-III
Three publications on estimating blasting projects; blasting ditches, stumps and boulders; and contr..
Blown to Bits in the Mine
By Eric Twitty. Describes the evolution of explosives in the mines and quarries in North America fro..
Bomb Squad: A Year Inside the Nation’s Most Exclusive Police Unit
By Richard Esposito and Ted Gerstein. Esposito and Gerstein, two ABC journalists, spent a year on th..