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Errata to the 18th Edition Blasters' Handbook First Printing (PDF)
This errata is a companion piece of the 18th Edition Blasters’ Handbook first printing. It contains ..
18th Edition Blasters' Handbook & E-Book Bundle
This item contains both the print and e-book version of the 18th Edition Blasters' Handbook. What's..
18th Edition Blasters’ E-Handbook (Digital Download)
The e-book version of the Blasters’ Handbook, 18th Edition, second printing, containing more than 1,..
18th Edition Blasters’ Handbook, Fourth Printing
More than 1,000 pages of explosives knowledge written and designed by experienced industry professio..
Back to the Basics
By Larry Schneider. Originally introduced in The Journal of Explosives Engineering in 1995. Please n..
Dictionary of Explosions and Explosives
By Nurul Alam. Contains more than 2,200 entries including terms and topics on explosions, explosives..
Explosives Engineering, Construction Vibrations and Geotechnology
Written for explosives users, professional engineers, geotechnical consultants and contractors offer..
ISEE Explosives Product Guide
A product listing of explosives product manufacturers, initiation systems, commercial explosives pro..
Journal of Explosives Engineering - 1 Year Subscription (International)
This is the subscription for non-US addresses. ISEE’s bimonthly magazine containing technical articl..
Journal of Explosives Engineering - 1 Year Subscription (United States)
ISEE’s bimonthly magazine containing technical articles, regulatory updates, industry news, chapter ..
Manual del Especialista en Voladura, 17a Edición
This special Spanish publication has been written, reviewed and updated by industry experts recogniz..
Micrometer Crack Response to Vibration and Weather
By Charles H. Dowding. This book develops and supports a new perspective for the control of construc..
Powder Punches
By S.S. Bud Jenkins Jr. Sequel to Short Fuses. Enjoyable and entertaining anecdotal history and impr..
Short Fuses
By S.S. Bud Jenkins Jr. Enjoyable and entertaining anecdotal history and impressions of people and e..
The Effects of Vibrations and Environmental Forces
By Lewis Oriard. A guide for the investigation of structures. Emphasizes examination procedures and ..