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With 27 different scholarships to choose from, your donation makes an instant impact in the lives of college students who are pursuing a career in the explosives industry. It also helps secure that our field continues to be bright and thriving.

Many scholarships we offer were created in memory of an individual who made a lasting impact in the blasting field. Browse what scholarship you’d like to make a contribution to or make an unrestricted gift, and let the SEE Education Foundation use the donation where it is needed most. Check with your financial advisor to see if your donation is tax deducible.

Donate Now ISEE Children's Fund


Jerry McDowell Fund - Established in honor of ISEE member Jerry McDowell who passed away in 1991.

Dale Ramsey Memorial Scholarship Fund - Established in honor of Dale Ramsey, ISEE past president, who passed away in 2016.

Dugan Nelson Fund - Established by Nelson Brothers Co. employees in 1993, in honor of founder Dugan Nelson who passed away in 1981.

ISEE Scholarship Fund - Established in 2000 and supported through contributions made by ISEE members and fundraisers.

Bob Jeremiah Fund - Established by ISEE Pacific Northwest Chapter to honor ISEE member Robert Jeremiah who passed away in 1999.

Paul Muehl Fund - Established in 2001 to recognize the life of blaster Paul Muehl for his work on the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Rocky Mountain Chapter Fund - Created in 2001 by Rocky Mountain Chapter members.

Per-Anders Persson Fund - Established in memory of Per-
Anders Persson, an ISEE Distinguished  Services Award Recipient.

Northern Plains Chapter Fund - Established in 2002 by Northern Plains Chapter members.

Tom Clark Fund - Established to honor Tom Clark, ISEE member who served as a SEE Foundation Trustee.

Alex Senules Fund - Established by industry friends to honor Alex Senules who passed away in 2002.

ISEE Children’s Fund - Established to benefit families of those individuals who have been injured or died in a commercial explosives accident.

Carolinas Chapter Fund - Established in 2003.

Tri-State Chapter Fund - Established in 2003.

David Bowling Fund - Established by White Seismology to honor Dave Bowling, an ISEE member who passed away in 1992.

Lewis Oriard Fund - Dedicated to current ISEE member Lewis Oriard for his continued exemplary contributions to the industry.

Explosives Distributors Association - Funded by DuPont Distributors and its Explosives Distributors Association.

Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter - Established in 2006.

Bob Martin - Industry friend’s memorial to Bob Martin. 

Bluegrass Explosives Engineers - Established in 2007.

Roger N. Prescott Memorial Fund - Established in 2007 by friends of Roger Prescott, founding member of the society.

Heartland Chapter - Established in 2007.

S.S. "Bud" Jenkins Fund - Established in 2010 by the Jenkins family.

Ryan Family Fund - Established in 2010 by the Ryan family.

Old and the Bold, Best in the West - Established by the Black Hills and Northern Plains chapters to honor professionals who worked in Wyoming and South Dakota.

The David Siskind Fund - Established to honor ISEE member David Siskind for his contributions to the society.

The Lance McAnuff Fund - Established to honor ISEE member Lance McAnuff.