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Professional Development and Training

Whether you’re looking for retraining credit hours or to deepen your knowledge in the blasting world, ISEE's online training programs will put you on the path for career development and help you stay current with retraining and refresher hours.

Webinars ISEE Certificate Program

Blasters Training 2020

Get an inside look at the latest insights, techniques and technology as the leading experts in the blasting community share their best practices in Blasters Training 2020, the newest webinar series developed by ISEE.

The knowledge gained from these webinars will help keep you at the forefront of your peers and colleagues by giving you the latest tools to work safer, better and smarter.

ISEE Certificate Program: Online Practical Blasting Fundamentals Level I

Developed by some of the most seasoned, knowledgeable leaders in the blasting community, and based off the 18th Edition Blasters’ Handbook, the ISEE online certificate program is the complete basic training program on blasting technology.

Online Practical Blasting Fundamentals Level I covers a wide range of blasting topics perfect for getting a better understanding of blasting and to broaden your knowledge in the many different avenues of the blasting world.