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Blast Effects on Buildings, Second Edition
Focused on the design of commercial buildings, this publication is an indispensable guide to help en..
Blasting Specifications for Construction Projects
By Calvin J. Konya. This book provides the specifications for construction blasting projects that ca..
Construction Dewatering
By J. Patrick Powers. Explanation of the physical laws governing ground water and soils. Practical s..
Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control: New Methods and Applications
By J. Patrick Powers; Arthur B. Corwin; Paul C. Schmall; and Walter E. Kaeck. In the past dozen year..
Construction Site Security
By Michael J. Arata, Jr., Focuses on physical security counter measurers and how they can be applied..
Construction Vibrations
This book covers the field of construction-induced vibrations, including the latest advances in eart..
Damage to Concrete Structures
By Geert De Schutter. Damage to Concrete Structures summarizes the state-of-the-art information on t..
Deep Excavation Theory and Practice
By Chang-Yu Ou. This book is aimed at both theoretical explication and practical applications. From ..
Energy Savings in Compressed Air Systems
This book addresses the demand-side of air use in compressed air systems. It discusses how to elimin..
Energy Savings in Compressed Air Systems (Supply Side)
A practical guide to the supply-side of compressed air systems including: centralized versus decentr..
Engineering Construction
  Tunneling, Bridging, Canal & Road Building by J.E. Shields. This historic book directs attent..
Engineering Rock Mass Classification: Tunnelling, Foundations and Landslides
By R.K. Goel and Bhawani Singh. Engineering Rock Mass Classification: Tunnelling, Foundations and La..
Explosive Loading of Engineering Structures
By P.S. Bulson. This book relates to civil engineering, structures and the impact of explosions on s..