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Field Trials: A Novel
By Gordon Chalmers. When his father dies as the result of a crippling mining accident with dynamite,..
Guidelines for Open Pit Slope Design in Weak Rock
By Derek Martin and Peter Stacey. Weak rocks encountered in open pit mines cover a wide variety of m..
Introductory Mining Engineering
By Howard Hartman and Jan Mutmansky. Second edition contains new case studies and problems with new ..
Mine Safety Science and Engineering: Health and Disaster Management
By Debi Prasad Tripathy. In Mining Engineering operations, mines act as sources of constant danger a..
Mining and its Impact on the Environment
By Fred Bell and Laurance Donnelly. This book highlights the effects of past mining and provides inf..
Mining and Rock Construction Technology Desk Reference
By Dr. Agne Rustan; Claude Cunningham; William Fourney; Alex Spathis; and K.R.Y. Simha. This is an e..
Mining and the Environment from Ore to Metal
By Karlheinz Spitz and John Trudinger. This book identifies and discusses the wide range of social a..
Mining in Latin American Critical Approaches to the Next Extraction
By Kalowatie Deonandan and Michael Dougherty. The book marshals original, empirical work from leadin..
Mountain Movers: Mining, Sustainability and the Agents of Change
By Daniel M. Franks. This book explores the dynamics of change making for sustainable development in..
Open Pit Blast Design: Analysis and Optimisation
Edited by Andrew Scott, Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre. Addresses the challenge of opti..
Open Pit Mine Planning and Design, Third Edition
By William A. Hustrulid, Mark Kuchta, Randall K. Martin. This two volume set and CD-ROM pack builds ..
Property Rights and Governance in Artisanal and Small- Scale Mining
By Chris Huggins. Disputes and dispossession of property rights in the mining sector are causes of i..
Race Against Time
By Gregory M. Anderson and Stephen R. Rosene. Provides an easy-to-read guide about how one person ca..
Responsible Mining: Key Principles for Industry Integrity
By Sara Bice. This book shows how the concept of responsible mining is based on five key principles ..
Rock Engineering Risk
By John A. Hudson and Xia-Ting Feng. This book includes Cchapters on uncertainty and risk, rock engi..