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Explosives & Blasting
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 Black Powder Manufacturing Methods and Techniques
By Ian von Maltitz. Fireworks maker Ian von Maltitz' down-to-earth, practical new book shows you how..
Blasting in Mines - New Trends
Blasting practices in mines have undergone many changes in the recent past and continue to be honed ..
Blasting Technique
By Rune Gustafsson. Describes charge calculation and loading for bench blasting, trenching, tunnelin..
Blasting Techniques I-III
Three publications on estimating blasting projects; blasting ditches, stumps and boulders; and contr..
Chemistry of Explosives
By Jacqueline Akhavan. The third edition of this popular book has been fully revised and updated and..
EFEE Conference - Brighton
Proceedings of EFEE’s Third World Conference on Explosives & Blasting Technique. There are 66 pr..
EFEE Conference - Munich
Proceedings of EFEE’s First World Conference on Explosives. Authors from 21 countries represent expl..
EFEE Conference - Prague
Proceedings of EFEE’s Second World Conference on Explosives. More than 175 lectures on new findings ..
EFEE Conference - Vienna
Proceedings of EFEE’s Fourth World Conference on Explosives. There are 45 presentations on blast fra..
Explosive Compaction of Powders and Composites
By R.A. Pruemmer; T. Balakrishna, K. Siva Kumar; and K. Hokamoto. This book covers the technology of..
Explosive Effects and Applications
By J.A. Zukas & W.P. Walters. A reference for self-study by scientists and engineers who need an..
Explosive Materials: Classification, Composition and Properties
By Thomas J. Janssen (editor). This book gathers current research in the study of the explosive mate..
By Rudolph Meyer. Five-hundred entries including formulas and descriptions of about 120 explosive ch..
Explosives and Blasting Procedures
By Richard A. Dick; Larry R. Fletcher; and Dennis V. D'Andrea. This publication covers explosives pr..
Explosives Engineering
By Paul Cooper. Covers technologies in the engineering of explosives and explosive systems. Illustra..