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Richard Hosley, Jr.

A third-generation explosives engineer, Richard M. Hosley, Jr., (Ric) has owned Connecticut Explosives Co., Inc., since 1987, specializing in efficient blast design, explosives distribution, public relations, and consulting. Ric is vice president and director of field operations for R.M. Hosley and Son (est. in 1923,) well known throughout the region for their overburden drilling expertise and implementation of explosives in critical blasting operations. Having earned his bachelor’s degree from Hartwick College, Hosley incorporates the challenges of geologic structures and field conditions to identify and improve blast parameters.

Hosley’s vast field experience includes construction and utility trenching, hydroelectric projects, aggregate quarry, smokestack demolition (Stanley & Decker, 2019,) mass excavation and open-pit gold mines. His combined skill set has led him to provide explosives consulting services and expert legal testimony on local and international platforms. He provides technical consultation to Connecticut Gas Company officials as well as Connecticut’s Department of Public Safety. Hosley developed and co-authored Guidelines for Blasting near Gas Lines in Connecticut. He was also a contributing author of the 17th Edition of the Blasters’ Handbook, Geological Effects. Licensed by BATF and the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont, Ric is also trained by MSHA and the DOT.

Ric was a founding member and past president of the ISEE CT Valley Chapter. A member of the ISEE since 1985, Ric served on the Executive Board as Secretary and Treasurer, as Chair of Governmental Affairs and Transportation Committee and as a member of the Drilling Section Committee. Awards include the Chapter President’s Award, the ISEE Chapter Newsletter Award and the ISEE Blaster’s Leadership Award in 2020.

Gavin Yuill

Dr. Gavin Yuill has over 20 years of experience in blasting and blast optimization in mines all round the world. Originally from the United Kingdom, where he completed his PhD in Mathematical Modelling of Blasting Vibrations at the University of Leeds, he has lived in Europe and Australia and called Denver, USA home for the last 10 years. Dr. Yuill has spent his career working with explosives manufacturers in a variety of roles including, R&D, Technical Services, and Commercial management.

To relax, Dr. Yuill enjoys endurance racing in his racecar at tracks across the country, and inevitably, repairing his car following the race.

Cathy Aimone-Martin

Dr. Catherine Aimone-Martin is President of Aimone-Martin Associates, LLC in New Mexico. She served 25 years as Professor of Mineral Engineering and currently as Emeritus Professor with New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Dr. Aimone-Martin has over 40 years’ experience in quarry and construction blast consulting and monitoring specializing in close-in blasting effects on above and below ground structures, for open-air disposals and demolitions and in underwater blasting environments. She has developed specialized instrument systems to measure structure response as well as blast vibrations and pressures to guide design modifications and allow blasting to be safely conducted in sensitive and otherwise restricted environments.

Notable recent projects include the reconstruction of the World Trade Center, Panama Canal Third Set of Locks, 2nd Avenue Subway in Manhattan, Folsom Dam Spillway, removal of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge piers, demolition of the Lock and Dam 53 gantry crane and of the Kosciuszko Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens. Dr. Aimone-Martin writes performance-based blasting and monitoring specifications for construction projects involving pipelines, dams, and highways.

Dr. Aimone-Martin is the author of over 87 publications and conducts training courses for blaster certification in 11 states. She is a Qualified Blasting Consultant for Departments of Transportation in several states and hold a New York City E10 Blaster license.

Dr. Aimone-Martin was the 2012 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award and a former member of the ISEE Board of Directors.

Bill Joa

Bill Joa is the Regulatory Compliance and Security Manager for Dyno Nobel Inc. He is responsible for managing regulatory compliance and providing regulatory interpretation in the areas of manufacturing, storage, transport, and use of explosives for all Dyno Nobel sites in the U.S. Prior to joining Dyno Nobel, Bill served 20 years as a special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and eight years as a police officer in Virginia.

Jay Elkin

Jay Elkin has been working for Wampum Hardware since 1988. He has experience working in surface and underground quarry and coal mine blasting; shaft sinking; site development; heavy highway road construction; demolition; and seismic exploration.

Jay started his blasting career in 1977. He’s been an ISEE member since 1985 and a member of the Mid Atlantic Chapter since 1983, where he has previously been the chapter president. Jay has also been a board member of the Pennsylvania Drilling and Blasting Conference and has spoken at ISEE conferences, the Pennsylvania Drilling and Blasting Conference and the Holmes Safety Association.

Evan Hagenlock

Evan was born and raised in south-central South Dakota and attended South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where he earned a bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering in 2018. Evan joined the Austin Powder family just before his graduation, as a Corporate Technical Representative. His new home became Austin’s flagship manufacturing plant, Red Diamond, in southeast Ohio.

With a job description to support blasters and technical leaders across the United States, Evan quickly became a national traveler. Evan’s initial work focused primarily on bulk emulsion quality control and quality application. This led him to fill the position of “Product Manager for Bulk Products, USA & Canada” in early 2020.

Evan is now involved in all aspects of bulk products from training to field support on blasting and loading with bulk systems. As a liaison between manufacturing and internal and external end users, he has the opportunity to learn more about all sides of the explosives industry every day.

Evan is a member of ISEE and SME. With pride, Evan also supports the mining engineering department at South Dakota Mines by serving as chairman of a subcommittee on their Industry Advisory Board.

Matt Spina

During a tenure of fourteen years in the military, serving on active duty and in the reserves, Matthew Spina began working with explosives in the United States Army in 1989. His first role was as a combat engineer and later as Special Forces Engineer Sergeant.

In 1996, Matt joined the team at Connecticut Explosives Company, in distribution and field support, then and continued in drilling and blasting. His focus within the company became close-quarter blasting, aggregate production, and dimensional stone production. Matt has also performed crucial oversight roles on concrete and brick demolition projects, including hazardous activity assessments and security management.

Accepted into the Connecticut State Police Academy, Matt joined the ranks as a State Police Trooper in 2000, continuing to work part time for Connecticut Explosives Company.

Matt’s DOT certifications include: Level 1 North American Standard Truck Inspector (NASTI) (2008 to present); Non- bulk hazardous materials, intermediate bulk, bulk, cargo tankers, and highway route controlled radioactive materials. Matt is also an Instructor of the Level 1 Inspection Course at DOT Region 1, (2012 to present).

Matt is a regular attendee of ISEE conferences, is a member of the Governmental Affairs and Transportation Committee and has presented to multiple ISEE chapters.

Frank Sames

Frank joined the Austin Powder Company in 1993 and has worked in the positions of Director of Blaster Development, Corporate and Divisional Technical Representative, Regional Manager and Divisions Operations Manager in Austin Powder’s Mid-South Division. Frank is currently the Technical Director with Austin Powder Company’s Corporate Technical Services. He received a degree in Mining Engineering from Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Frank is a registered blaster in Tennessee and a member of the ISEE and SME.

Frank Lucca

Frank has worked in the explosives industry for over 35 years. He studied Geoscience/Geology at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He completed his studies in 1987 with a BSGS. During university he worked in the oilfield as a roughneck and for Dr. Edward J. Walter/American Rock Mechanics as a laborer and seismic technician.

Upon completing his education, he went to work in the Explosives Industry full time working for the Walter Companies as a driller/blaster/Geologist. In 1989, he began working for the Ensign-Bickford Company as a technical sales Representative covering the 4 corners area of the Western USA. He held various positions, including Supervisor, Technical Services, Manager, Technical Field Operations, and Manager, International Sales and Technical Services.

After a brief stint with ICI Explosives from 1996-1998, Frank opened Terra Dinamica LLC., an international explosives engineering firm that has worked in 37 countries and most of the US States in all environments (surface, underground, underwater), and all explosives industry sectors. Specializing in close-in drilling and blasting operations, Frank has completed over 40 projects in the New York City 5 boroughs.

Josh Hoffman

As the Director of Technical Services, Joshua Hoffman, is the primary staffer for any technical or security matters before the Institute of Makers of Explosives. With over 18 years of experience with the application of explosives, combined and advanced degrees in mining engineering, Dr. Hoffman serves as the resident subject matter expert on explosives. His main function is to serve both the commercial explosives industry and IME’s governmental partners by lending his technical expertise as well as being a conduit between the two. Previously he served on the US House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources as Senior Professional Staff and worked on mining policy. He obtained his B.S. and Ph.D. in Mining Engineering, from Missouri University of Science and Technology the University of Kentucky. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and also holds a Kentucky State Blasters License.

Margaret Hettinger

Maggie Hettinger was a Senior Technical Engineer for BME, USA, Inc. and is based out of Fayetteville, AR. Her current focus is on supporting customers, both surface and underground, throughout North America, training blasters in the use of electronic detonator systems, and in developing training programs. She has a varied experience background having worked for the Doe Run Company, Dykon Explosive Demolition, and Barrick. At Doe Run, her work focused on post-mining pillar extraction planning as well as safety and regulatory compliance. At Dykon, she worked on all aspects of explosive demolition including planning, execution, and monitoring. At Barrick Goldstrike she was the Drill and Blast Engineer for the open pit where she planned and monitored all their blasts including designing specialty plans for vibration-sensitive areas.

She earned both a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering and a Master of Science in Explosives Engineering from Missouri S&T. During her undergraduate education, she completed internships with Jim Walter Energy and Newmont. Her master’s thesis focused on the effects of short delay times on rock fragmentation in bench blasting.

Maggie has been actively involved in the ISEE since her first semester of work on her undergraduate degree. She held the positions of Secretary and Vice President of Missouri S&T Student chapter and has presented at the ISEE Annual Conference. She received scholarships from the ISEE during both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She is currently a member of the Emerging Professionals Section and the Blaster Training Committee.

Maggie has assisted in instructing blasters’ training courses in Missouri and Georgia. She has held blaster licenses in Missouri and Oklahoma. During graduate school, she assisted in teaching several Explosives Engineering courses.

Additionally, she is trained as an Emergency Medical Responder. She also dedicates time building charity partnerships in her role as Volunteer Coordinator and BOD member of a local charity. Some of these partnerships include the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter, House of Little Dogs, Ronald McDonald House, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Mark Curry

Mark Curry is currently a Technical Services Manager for Orica Alaska and Orica Mountain West and lives part time in Chehalis, WA and Fairbanks, AK. Mark has been in the explosives industry for over 20 years and has been involved in blasting projects across North America, Laos, and China. Mark has worked many positions in the industry from blaster to manager of technical services for explosives manufacturers and contractors and has a strong background in Electronic Initiation Systems. Throughout his career he has remained passionate about bulk equipment, trucks, plants, and specialty loading and mixing gear. Mark has designed and built some industry-first bulk equipment and processes. He attributes most of the inspiration for his ideas to the ground-level knowledge gained by loading holes and breaking rock and experiencing first-hand what works and more important... what does not.

John Floyd

Mr. Floyd started his career in the mining industry in 1976 at a surface coal mine located near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In 1986 he founded Blast Dynamics Inc., an international consulting firm. Over the past 34 years he has been the primary blasting consultant for a wide variety of blasting related projects on six continents. Over 4,500 individuals have attended his Efficient Blasting Techniques training courses. He has developed a series of software packages for blast design, analysis, and refinement as well as blast vibration control. John served on the ISEE board of directors for 12 years and was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award in 2014.

Kurt Oakes

Kurt Oakes holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, earned in 1985. He is the Senior Manager, Drill and Blast for Peabody, based out of the corporate offices in St. Louis, MO. In this role he is responsible for the management and oversight of Peabody’s explosives engineering, and drilling and blasting programs throughout their operations across the United States and Australia. The responsibilities in his role include blast-based safety, management and governance of operational blasting and seismic control practices, integration of value driven explosive technologies, and community & governmental outreach in blast related affairs for Peabody’s surface and underground coal operations.

Prior to joining Peabody Kurt had been with Martin Marietta (Raleigh, NC) as Senior Manager - Explosives Engineering, Olson Explosives (Decorah, IA) - General Manager, Orica USA (Various Locations) – Initiation Systems Specialist/Senior Technical Representative, Granite Mountain Quarries (Little Rock, AR) – Senior Plant Engineer, Feldspar Corporation (Middletown, CT & Spruce Pine, NC) Mine and Mill Superintendent, Unimin Corporation (Byron, CA) – Shift Supervisor, and Mid-Continent Resources (Redstone, CO) – Underground Miner (Coal).

Kurt has authored papers and presented at the ISEE; SME; ISEE Best in the West; ISEE Mid-America Blaster’s Conference; the IMA-NA; the MSHA – Western Mine Blasting and Safety Conference, and for the Australian Chapter of the ISEE. He has held blaster certifications and licenses in North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Iowa.

He has assisted with instructing blaster certification courses for in Missouri, ISEE – MINNBlast; Georgia and the Nevada. In Arkansas and Iowa, he assisted with the initial legislation for blaster’s licensure in those respective states. He is currently serving on his third term to the Board of Directors for the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE), where he is currently Chair for the Blasters Training Committee, and works closely with the Government Affairs Committee, and Drilling Section. He has held various roles within the SME – Industrial Minerals and Aggregates Division including Chair of the Aggregates Division. He is a certified MSHA Part 46 & 48, Surface and Underground Instructor. He is also a member of the Missouri S&T Mines and Metallurgy Academy, and the Missouri S&T Mining Department Development Board.

Kelly Ratliff

Ralph Burnham and Kelly Ratliff are attorneys at Reminger Co., LPA. They specialize in the representation of commercial explosive and blasting companies in all phases of litigation involving blasting, construction, mining, and transportation related issues in both state and federal courts throughout the United States. They also advise and consult with clients, experts, regulatory agencies, and insurers on blasting issues and topics including risk reduction, regulatory compliance, risk management, liability prevention, standard operating procedures, public relations, community meetings, and emergency response procedures. Both are members of ISEE and certified in practical blasting fundamentals.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff has 26 years of experience working with the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources regulating blasting parameters in mining and construction. Responsibilities included interpretation and enforcement of KY explosives & blasting laws, directing, and assisting DNR personnel across KY with ensuring blasting safety and enforcement measures met regulatory guidelines. Other duties included overseeing the state blaster’s license program, advising industry personnel on regulatory compliance and prevention of adverse off-site blasting impacts, coordinating with other state and federal agencies regarding explosives issues, and moderating numerous public meetings with concerned citizens. Jeff oversaw state investigations into citizen complaint allegations of concerns or damages from blasting vibrations or activities to ensure accurate and objective reporting of investigative findings. Jeff currently serves on the Board of the Kentucky Blasting Conference, and on the ISEE’s Public Education/Public Relations & the Governmental Affairs Committees. He has been working with Saul’s Seismic since 2011 as a blasting and vibration consultant, serving in the role of President for the last six years.

Ralph Burnham

Ralph Burnham and Kelly Ratliff are attorneys at Reminger Co., LPA. They specialize in the representation of commercial explosive and blasting companies in all phases of litigation involving blasting, construction, mining, and transportation related issues in both state and federal courts throughout the United States. They also advise and consult with clients, experts, regulatory agencies, and insurers on blasting issues and topics including risk reduction, regulatory compliance, risk management, liability prevention, standard operating procedures, public relations, community meetings, and emergency response procedures. Both are members of ISEE and certified in practical blasting fundamentals.

Bill Necker

Bill Necker is the Manager of Technical Services for Maurer & Scott, an explosive distributor headquartered in Coopersburg, PA. With over 40 years of experience in the explosives industry Bill also worked for The Ensign-Bickford Company and Dyno Nobel. He has held a variety of positions including manufacturing, research & development, sales, operations, and technical services.

Mike Koehler

In addition to being a Past President of the ISEE, Mike Koehler founded B.E. Consultants, Inc., in 1997 located in North Carolina, USA. He specializes in drill/blast consulting & management both domestic and international, blaster training, close-proximity projects, professional witness, and seismograph service/sales. He holds numerous Blaster Licenses with 36 plus years hands‐on and management in blasting. His blasting background includes experience with Surface – Coal & Metal/Non-Metal Mining; Underground – Metal/Non-Metal Mining; Heavy Highway, Construction, Demolition, and Underwater Blasting. He is a Co- Author and Reviewer of the ISEE 18th Edition Blasters’ Handbook. He has 30 years as an industry/conference instructor plus offers training courses directly through his company.

Richard O'Meara

Richard is the North American Technical Services Director for Orica. His role is to provide technical leadership and guidance to the Commercial and Operations functions, striving to add value to Orica’s customers through the safe and efficient use of explosives. This involves extensive travel throughout Canada, the US and Mexico, covering open pit and underground mining as well as quarrying and construction. In this role he has made presenting at ISEE Chapter and Annual meetings an important part of the Technical team’s development and growth.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from University Nottingham in the UK (1987) and an MBA from Ohio State University (1998). He has also undertaken numerous courses in leadership, value creation and technical innovation as well as teaching classes in the safe handling of explosives.

Richard began his career in 1987 with Nobel’s Explosives, which became ICI Explosives, in the UK as a Technical Engineer supporting operations throughout Europe and the Zambian Copper mines. In 1992 he joined the Austin Powder Company in the US as technical support throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. After earning his MBA, Richard joined Andersen Consulting, that later became Accenture, as a consultant for numerous global mining, and other industry clients. In 2008 he joined Orica where he oversaw the North and South American Supply Chain teams for 6 years before transitioning to the Technical side of the business in 2014. Richard is married with two children aged 17 and 19. He lives in Colorado and enjoys mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing, camping, and hiking with his friends and family. These trips often include searching out old mining relics and “ghost towns” that capture the incredible history that mining has had across the continent.

Alastair Torrance

Alastair has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a PhD in Emulsion Chemistry. He has worked in the mining and explosives industry since 1984 and has held several positions with mining companies, manufacturers and most recently as a consultant. He specializes in explosive related issues with both manufacturers and customers. Alastair has been on the Board of the ISEE since 2006 and is currently serving as the President of ISEE.

Seth Burns

Seth currently works for Nelson Brothers as the Manager of the Innovative Solutions Group. Received a BS in Mining Engineering at University of Missouri-Rolla in 1996 (now Missouri S&T). This included a student exchange program that resulted in attending the Western Australia School of Mines for a semester. Seth then began working with El Dorado Chemical company, an ammonium nitrate manufacturer and explosive service provider. He has worked in various technical roles with Orica during the release of the i-Kon electronic initiation system and electronic blast reporting. Seth has also worked with Nelson Brothers and Midland Powder Company, as a Technical Manager for 13 years.

Seth has enjoyed the last 24 years working in the explosive industry and serving the mining, quarrying and construction customers throughout the US.

Joe Nawrocki

Joe Nawrocki has been in the explosives industry for over 45 years, starting as a construction blaster, then quarry blaster, then managing the quarry drilling and blasting division of an explosives distributor.

Joe Nawrocki has worked at Dyno Nobel for over 20 years. He is currently the Area Technical Manager, DynoConsult Team. His responsibilities include blaster training, assisting blasters in designing safe, efficient blasts, flyrock and misfire incident investigations and implementing procedures to prevent such. Responsible for training in the new technologies of gassed emulsions and electronic detonators, as well as use of new technologies to improve and track value provided to the customer.

Joe has provided presentations at KY Blasters Conferences, WV OEB Blasters Conferences, PA Blasters Conference, Potomac Chapter ISEE Training Seminars, MSHA Blasting Conferences and AGG1.