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Joe Nawrocki has been in the explosives industry for over 45 years, starting as a construction blaster, then quarry blaster, then managing the quarry drilling and blasting division of an explosives distributor.

Joe Nawrocki has worked at Dyno Nobel for over 20 years. He is currently the Area Technical Manager, DynoConsult Team. His responsibilities include blaster training, assisting blasters in designing safe, efficient blasts, flyrock and misfire incident investigations and implementing procedures to prevent such. Responsible for training in the new technologies of gassed emulsions and electronic detonators, as well as use of new technologies to improve and track value provided to the customer.

Joe has provided presentations at KY Blasters Conferences, WV OEB Blasters Conferences, PA Blasters Conference, Potomac Chapter ISEE Training Seminars, MSHA Blasting Conferences and AGG1.