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A third-generation explosives engineer, Richard M. Hosley, Jr., (Ric) has owned Connecticut Explosives Co., Inc., since 1987, specializing in efficient blast design, explosives distribution, public relations, and consulting. Ric is vice president and director of field operations for R.M. Hosley and Son (est. in 1923,) well known throughout the region for their overburden drilling expertise and implementation of explosives in critical blasting operations. Having earned his bachelor’s degree from Hartwick College, Hosley incorporates the challenges of geologic structures and field conditions to identify and improve blast parameters.

Hosley’s vast field experience includes construction and utility trenching, hydroelectric projects, aggregate quarry, smokestack demolition (Stanley & Decker, 2019,) mass excavation and open-pit gold mines. His combined skill set has led him to provide explosives consulting services and expert legal testimony on local and international platforms. He provides technical consultation to Connecticut Gas Company officials as well as Connecticut’s Department of Public Safety. Hosley developed and co-authored Guidelines for Blasting near Gas Lines in Connecticut. He was also a contributing author of the 17th Edition of the Blasters’ Handbook, Geological Effects. Licensed by BATF and the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont, Ric is also trained by MSHA and the DOT.

Ric was a founding member and past president of the ISEE CT Valley Chapter. A member of the ISEE since 1985, Ric served on the Executive Board as Secretary and Treasurer, as Chair of Governmental Affairs and Transportation Committee and as a member of the Drilling Section Committee. Awards include the Chapter President’s Award, the ISEE Chapter Newsletter Award and the ISEE Blaster’s Leadership Award in 2020.