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Evan was born and raised in south-central South Dakota and attended South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where he earned a bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering in 2018. Evan joined the Austin Powder family just before his graduation, as a Corporate Technical Representative. His new home became Austin’s flagship manufacturing plant, Red Diamond, in southeast Ohio.

With a job description to support blasters and technical leaders across the United States, Evan quickly became a national traveler. Evan’s initial work focused primarily on bulk emulsion quality control and quality application. This led him to fill the position of “Product Manager for Bulk Products, USA & Canada” in early 2020.

Evan is now involved in all aspects of bulk products from training to field support on blasting and loading with bulk systems. As a liaison between manufacturing and internal and external end users, he has the opportunity to learn more about all sides of the explosives industry every day.

Evan is a member of ISEE and SME. With pride, Evan also supports the mining engineering department at South Dakota Mines by serving as chairman of a subcommittee on their Industry Advisory Board.