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This episode features industrial mining and takes a look at the role explosives play in helping create items we use everyday like paint and even dog food. Our presenters are Drew Martin, of Blast It Global; Richard O’Meara of ORICA USA; and Jim Daley, past ISEE president.

Quarry Mining

Drew Martin

Drew discusses how blasting is used in quarry mining to extract various construction materials and minerals. He also shows the journey these materials take from being dug out of the ground to reaching their final destination into a customer’s hand.</>


The use of Explosives in Industrial Minerals

Jim Daley

Jim talks about the use of the explosives in the generation of industrial minerals. He also showcases the many actual and practical uses of those industrials minerals and aggregate.

One Blast, One Chance for Success

Richard O'Meara, Orica USA

Richard presents a story based on a rip rap blast Orica supported in Alaska and details how they had to modify their plans, ending up blasting over 200,000 tons of rock in one go, with no opportunity to try again if anything went wrong.

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