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This episode focuses on reporting and will touch on the approval process of putting together blasting projects and the regulations that govern how explosives are handled to ensure safety. Our presenters are Kelly Ratliff and Ralph Burnham, from Reminger; and Joseph Meyers, Chief of the Explosives Unit of the Fire Department of New York.

Explosives Oversight: The Art of Communication and Business in the Explosives Industry

Joseph Meyers, FDNY Explosives Unit

Joseph explains the proper communication and business skills to successfully achieve approval of blasting, pyrotechnic and fireworks projects. He also explains proven techniques that have worked in NYC to achieve and improve communication, cooperation and compliance. He presents examples of projects that have been approved using these skills.


Explosives Oversight: Regulations and Reporting Requirements



Kelly Ratliff and Ralph Burnham, Reminger Co.,LPA


Kelly and Ralph present the various uses of explosives regulations that govern the manufacture, sell, transportation and detonation of explosives, and how companies and regulators work to ensure the safety of those who use explosives and the general public.

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