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This episode focuses on mining and how explosives are used to produce mined materials with presenters Brad Brown, Dyno Nobel; Paul Sterk, Austin Powder; and Alan Dolan, Boliden Tara Mines.

Mining Final Pit Walls and Road Cuts

Alan Dolan, Boliden Tara Mines

Alan discusses precision blasting, pre-split drilling and blasting close-to-finish walls. He also discusses two open pit mines with some information from a road extension.

Enjoy the Ride

Brad Brown, Dyno Nobel

From the early days of technology in the explosives industry - teaching users to run high speed cameras and handing out laptops - to using some of the most advanced tools, the explosives engineer has had to adapt. A few simple truths remain, though, and the aspiring engineer needs to enjoy the ride.

Blasting Can be Fun!

Paul Sterk, Austin Powder

As the Homestake Mine came to a close in the early 2000s, a decision was made to blast the remaining explosives in the mine rather than send them back to the surface. This is a story about one of those blasts.

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