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This episode highlights how explosives are used for demolition of structures with Jim Redyke, President of Dykon Explosive Demolition; Ron Gilbert, Vice President of Dykon Explosive Demolition; and Roberto Folchi, Owner, Nitrex.

Bridge Demolition

Roberto Folchi, Owner, Nitrix

Roberto is an Italian contractor experienced in explosives engineering for building and bridge demolition, open pit and underground excavations, and underwater demolition. Roberto presents us with some of the bridge demolition in Europe that he has undertaken over the past 35 years.


Building Demolition

Ron Gilbert, Vice President of Dykon Explosive Demolition; Jim Redyke – President of Dykon Explosive Demolition

Ron and Jim share with us their experiences as building demolition contractors and offer their thoughts as we watch them take down three large stacks and a steel structure in addition to sharing with us their past building and bridge demolition projects over their more than 70 years of combined experience.

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