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Track and Trace (T&T) of Regulated Material

Traceability or T & T is a growing need for all types of products, especially for the explosives market, whose products can be used for other purposes. This document aims to bring to the market the T & T process already used in several countries, making a rich contribution.


Transforming Underground Blasting Operations into Primary Crushing Operations

The development of an innovative blasting technique that uses a unit charge and stress reflection method to design underground blasting patterns with the objective of transforming underground blasting operations into primary crushing operations.


Underground Mining Method Enhancements made Possible with Orica's Wireless, Through the Earth Initiation System, WebGen 100

Orica's wireless, through the earth initiation system, WebGenTM 100 provides the underground blasting engineer with unparalleled flexibility to extract the ore in ways that were not conceivable before.


Illumination of Contributing Parameters of Uneven Break in Narrow Vein Mine

-Demonstrate the importance of uneven break (UB) management.
- Illuminate the contribution of UB causative parameters to UB phenomenon
- Analyse the parameter contributions and found trends of UB with UB causative parameters



Using Artificial Intelligence and 3D Imaging for Real-time Fragmentation Analysis on Conveyor Belts

Mine to mill optimization begins with a clear understanding and assessment of blasting, crushing and grinding operations. Modification of blasting practices to optimize feed size is an initial step to increasing throughput. Process optimization and utilization of downstream equipment requires fragmentation measurements at critical points along the size reduction circuit.


Using Digital Electronic Detonator of Blasting LS and LDT Buildings

The digital electronic detonator has the characteristics of flexible delay time setting and high delay precision etc., which guarantees the damage of the frame shear structure building at blasting cut well. Not only improve the collapse effect of the building, but also enhance intrinsic safety of blasting operation.


Using Shock Front Velocities to Compare the Radial Distribution of Detonation Energy for Different Charge Geometries

This report uses time of arrival at a known distance to calculate shock front velocity at different orientations. The shock front velocity vs. orientation is used to compare the shock front energy distribution for prismatic charges with different cross-sectional shapes.


Using Numerical Model as Tool to Predict the Stability Behavior of a Stope at Vazante Mine

This paper presents a study of case of a stope under poor geotechnical stability, in which mine planning strategy had to be modified, supported by numerical modelling, by changing the mine's usual mining method, equipment selection and drill and blast design.


Vertical Attenuation of Blast Vibrations

A vertical array of borehole geophones was deployed to 40 ft near a water pipeline at a blasting project in Phoenix, Ariz. PPV reduction at depth was significant, 31% of the surface PPV at -40 ft and a multi-variable PPV prediction model was made based on scaled range and depth.


What Schools and Universities Need To Do Proactively to Prevent Violence. Explosives - The Untold Story

School violence is a public safety issue. Our research concludes schools and universities must utilize threat and risk assessments proactively to help prevent explosives attacks. Property damage, threats a school with outdated architectural codes poses, jihadists and legal liability are all topics we examine in this paper.