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Seismic Analysis of Vibration Induced by Rock Blasting in Underground Mining

KEY WORDS: Vibration, Seismic, Geophone, Blasting, PPV, Attenuation Curve, Damage Model, Underground Mining.


Small-Scale Testing of Coal Dust Explosion Propagation

A small-scale model was developed to study the flame front and pressure wave propagation of coal dust explosions. This paper focuses on their characteristics as they encounter corners and crosscuts.  This testing will help determine proper sensor and suppressant release locations for active explosion barriers in underground coal mines.


Strain Based Vibration Criteria for Blasting New York City

A new code is being implemented for NYC. This code provides an allowance on the US Bureau of Mines criteria and includes strain-based limits to structure response. The new rule includes provisions for seismograph operator licensing and blasters certification.

Study on Blasting Demolition Vibration of Building with Full Shear Wall Structure

Collapse vibration; Vibration velocity; Dominant frequency; Signal energy.

Sustainable Blasting Strategies for Long-Term Mining Projects

This paper explores the sustainable use of the explosive's energy for rock blasting and its role on the performance of downstream unit operations in mining applications. A special case study from an important gold mine in South America is presented.


Systematic Improvement of Drilling and Blasting Practices

On-going yearly reviews have helped drive change in blasting practices at metal and coal mines that has generated significant value for the mining company. Partnership with a blasting consultant has provided both the basis for the reviews as well as relevant technical training and support for implementing recommendations.


The Impacts of Delay Sequence on Fragmentation

This paper includes preliminary results of full scale tests at a limestone quarry designed to evaluate the influence of the charge sequence on the fragmentation results when this variable is drastically changed.


The Once in a Lifetime Project

The project referenced was created by a family pipe dream of the father to the current owners of Luray Caverns. Two sons were willing to have confidence in the team put together to do this tunnel entrance in hopes it would open the cavern to more people.


The Use of Blast Modeling Software for Educational Purposes

A blasting assessment software package was donated to the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. This software was used by the students to help learn about explosives engineering. This is applicable to professionals in the field as a learning aid.