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2023 49th Conference Photo Contest Winner

Ron Gilbert's "Coal Fired Boiler Building, Boardman, Oregon" won both the Best of Show and People's Choice awards at the 49th Annual ISEE Conference, Photo Contest, which featured 21 high-quality entries across eight categories. Stay tuned for more information on the next Annual Photo Contest at the upcoming 50th Annual ISEE conference in Savannah, GA.

Project Description: Coal fired Boilers, PGE Power Station, Boardman, Oregon, fell September 15, 2022. This steel struc-ture was engineered, prepared, loaded with AES Y230 LSC, NG dynamite kicker charges, det cord and Orica Unitronic 600 electronic detonators. Only because this structure was in an asset protection–less location, we were fortunate not to apply additional protective curtains. Typically, exterior perimeter cur-tains made of geofabrick and chain fencing obscure / blind a clean, clear digital capture. This openness allowed for visually capturing, on digital video from several vantage points. This very rare digital video frame photo capture shows and con-firms the high degree of electronic 0 ms firing accuracy prior to the next firing delay echelon.  It proves the advantages of electronic dets versus commercial conventional pyrotechnic delays.