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Nominate a coworker or colleague who has made an exceptional contribution to the fields of explosives or drilling for one of the International Society of Explosives Engineers most prestigious awards.

The Awards

Blaster’s Leadership Award: Presented to those who exemplify the blaster in the field and have given generously of time and talents in helping fellow blasters.

Driller of The Year Award: Recognizes a drill operator with a high moral character and whose body of work demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to compliance and safety; work ethic; performing quality work; is a team player; and communication skills.

Drilling Industry Leadership Award: Recognizes owner/operators of mines and/or contractors (their engineers and managers), supplier/vendors (of equipment, tools and systems), consultants and academia of high moral character who have given extraordinary amount of their time and knowledge to advance the drilling industry with application, technology, engineering or field work.

Distinguished Service Award: An award of merit given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of explosives engineering.

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