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Rock Mechanics Theoretical Fundamentals Volume 1

Rock Mechanics Theoretical Fundamentals Volume 1


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By Philippe Charlez. Contents: I. Mechanics of Continuous Media - Basic Concepts. 1. State of Strain. 2. State of Stress. 3. Thermodynamics of Continuous Media. II. Mechanism of Material Strain. 4. Linear Elasticity. General Theory. 5. Plane Theory of Elasticity. 6. Behaviour of a Material Containing Cavities. 7. Thermodynamics of Saturated Porous Media. 8. Infinitesimal Thermoporoelasticity. 9. The Triaxial Test and the Measurement of Thermoporoelastic Properties. 10. Thermoporoelastoplasticity. General Theory and Application. III. Mechanisms of Material Cohesion Loss. 11. Fissuring. 12. Introduction to Damage Theory. 13. Appearance of Shearing Bands in Geomaterials. Paperback, 333 pp., 1991.



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