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Fragmentation Section Discounts
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Blasting and Fragmentation Journal
Published twice a year, this ISEE publication includes articles authored by scientists and engineers..
FRAGBLAST 9: Rock Fragmentation by Blasting
Edited by Jose Sanchidrian Blanco. Proceedings of the ninth international symposia in Granada, Spain..
Fragmentation by Blasting
Edited by W.L. Fourney, R.R. Boade and L.S. Costin. A collection of papers on fragmentation as prese..
Measurement of Blast Fragmentation
Edited by John Franklin and Takis Katsabanis. Contains the Proceedings of the Fragblast-5 Workshop o..
Modelling the Effects of Blasting on Rock Breakage
By V.A. Borovikov and I.F. Vanyagin. This work provides a translation of "Modelirovanie deistviya vz..
Rock Blasting and Explosives Engineering
By Per Anders Persson, Roger Holmberg and Jaimin Lee. Compilation of rock strength and fracture prop..
Rock Breakage by Blasting
  B y M. I. Petrosyan. Results of complex Investigations into the rock breakage mechanism and the p..
Rock Fragmentation by Blasting: Fragblast 10
Rock Fragmentation by Blasting contains the papers presented at the 10th International Symposium on ..
Rock Mechanics Theoretical Fundamentals Volume 1
By Philippe Charlez. Contents: I. Mechanics of Continuous Media - Basic Concepts. 1. State of Strain..