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Law Enforcement & Security
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Homeland Security Field Guide
By Informed Guides. An essential tool for Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, First Responders, EMS ..
Homeland Security Law and Policy
By William C. Nicholson. An invaluable resource for law enforcement professionals, investigators, po..
Laser-Based Optical Detection of Explosives
By Paul M. Pellegrino; Ellen L. Holthoff; and Mikella E. Farrell. Laser-Based Optical Detection of E..
Law Enforcement Field Guide
By Informed Guides. Offers instant access to vital information for all law enforcement, corrections,..
Perimeter Security
By Michael Arata. Perimeter Security has taken on a new level of importance since 9/11. Whether insu..
Practical Bomb Scene Investigation
By James T. Thurman. Now in its third edition, Practical Bomb Scene Investigation explores the inves..
Preparing for Biological Terrorism: An Emergency Services Guide
By George Buck. This is an essential guide to the planning and implementation of anti-terrorist resp..
Preparing for Terrorism: An Emergency Services Guide
By George Buck, Ph.D. Contains vitally important information to guide local agencies in their effort..
Preparing for Terrorism: The Public Safety Communicators Guide
By George Buck. A valuable resource for communications center professionals. Features sample plans f..
Protection Against Bombs and Incendiaries
By E. Pike. This book addresses threats, technology, protective measures and hazard countermeasures ..