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18th Edition Blasters' Handbook & E-Book Bundle
This item contains both the print and e-book version of the 18th Edition Blasters' Handbook. What's..
18th Edition Blasters’ E-Handbook (Digital Download)
The e-book version of the Blasters’ Handbook, 18th Edition, second printing, containing more than 1,..
Blaster Challenge
Test your knowledge of blast design, explosives properties, OSHA/NFPA/OSM/ATF/MSHA regulations, bulk..
Celebrate Safely
DVD Runtime: 25 minutes. By American Pyrotechnics Association. Describes the firework display indust..
Crazy Horse Drilling and Blasting
Watch and learn step-by-step as the mountain workers measure, drill, blast, bulldoze and carve the w..
Don’t Touch
By IME. Demonstrates hazards of detonators and instructs children on what to do if a cap is found. V..
Dynamite: Modern Marvels
Modern Marvels chronicles the history of this explosive tool from its origins in Nobel’s lab to toda..
Emergency Mine Rescue
DVD runtime: 60 minutes. With special access to the site of the San José, Chile, mine, the mining en..
Explosives Reference Database
Please note this item has been discontinued and marked down 70 percent from its original price. Supp..
Explosives Underground: Handling Explosives in Modern Mines
By MSHA. Describes safety standards for handling and transporting of explosive materials from surfac..
Explosives: The Power Tool
By IME, ISEE, and Nobel Insurance. Describes how commercial explosives help shape our lives by playi..
Face to Face: Greeting the Homeowner
By SEE Education Foundation. Created to help those involved in a blasting project positively interac..
High Explosives: Weapons at War
A&E Video and The History Channel. Starts in Ancient China to today’s high-tech battlefields to ..
Hear from the survivors of the 1968 disaster that led to sweeping new safety regulations for this pe..
Pennsylvania Miner’s Story
The Pennsylvania Miner’s Story gives a realistic and heartfelt depiction of the true story of nine m..