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Engineering Rock Mass Classification: Tunnelling, Foundations and Landslides
By R.K. Goel and Bhawani Singh. Engineering Rock Mass Classification: Tunnelling, Foundations and La..
Explosive Compaction of Powders and Composites
By R.A. Pruemmer; T. Balakrishna, K. Siva Kumar; and K. Hokamoto. This book covers the technology of..
Explosive Effects and Applications
By J.A. Zukas & W.P. Walters. A reference for self-study by scientists and engineers who need an..
Explosive Loading of Engineering Structures
By P.S. Bulson. This book relates to civil engineering, structures and the impact of explosions on s..
Explosive Materials: Classification, Composition and Properties
By Thomas J. Janssen (editor). This book gathers current research in the study of the explosive mate..
By Rudolph Meyer. Five-hundred entries including formulas and descriptions of about 120 explosive ch..
Explosives 100 Years Ago, More or Less
By Robert B. Hopler. A compilation of articles that appeared from 1983 to 2000 in the Journal of Exp..
Explosives 94 Conference Proceedings
Proceedings from the 1994 EFEE Explosives conference. Softcover, 178 pp., 1994...
Explosives and Arson Investigation
By Jean Otto Ford. Using real-life stories as examples, Explosives & Arson Investigation explore..
Explosives and Blasting Procedures
By Richard A. Dick; Larry R. Fletcher; and Dennis V. D'Andrea. This publication covers explosives pr..
Explosives Engineering
By Paul Cooper. Covers technologies in the engineering of explosives and explosive systems. Illustra..
Explosives Engineering Handbook Papers
1. Modern Commercial Explosives & Accessories IEE, by T.E. White & P. Robinson, 1988. 3. De..
Explosives Engineering, Construction Vibrations and Geotechnology
Written for explosives users, professional engineers, geotechnical consultants and contractors offer..
Explosives for North American Engineers
By C. Gregory. Fills the gap between very simple handbooks and very theoretical, academic works, a u..