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Dictionary of Explosions and Explosives
By Nurul Alam. Contains more than 2,200 entries including terms and topics on explosions, explosives..
Dictionary of Mining, Mineral and Related Terms
By American Geological Institute. A collaborative project with the USBM providing information on min..
Drilling and Blasting of Rocks
By Geomining Tech. Inst. of Spain, edited by Carlos L. Jimeno, Emilio L. Jimeno and Francisco J.A. C..
Dynamite Stories: And Some Interesting Facts About Explosives
By Hudson Maxim with added material provided by Donald J. Haarmann. This book touches upon the comed..
Dynamite! A Blaster's History
By J. Nelson McConahy. This book chronicles McConahy's personal experiences working at American Cyan..
EFEE Conference - Brighton
Proceedings of EFEE’s Third World Conference on Explosives & Blasting Technique. There are 66 pr..
EFEE Conference - Munich
Proceedings of EFEE’s First World Conference on Explosives. Authors from 21 countries represent expl..
EFEE Conference - Prague
Proceedings of EFEE’s Second World Conference on Explosives. More than 175 lectures on new findings ..
EFEE Conference - Vienna
Proceedings of EFEE’s Fourth World Conference on Explosives. There are 45 presentations on blast fra..
EFEE Explo 96 Symposium
Proceedings from the 1996 Explo Conference. Softcover, 170 pp., 1996...
Energy Savings in Compressed Air Systems
This book addresses the demand-side of air use in compressed air systems. It discusses how to elimin..
Energy Savings in Compressed Air Systems (Supply Side)
A practical guide to the supply-side of compressed air systems including: centralized versus decentr..
Engineering Construction
  Tunneling, Bridging, Canal & Road Building by J.E. Shields. This historic book directs attent..
Engineering Design Handbook
This handbook contains basic information and fundamental data useful in the design and development o..
Engineering Geology
By Richard E. Goodman. For student and practitioners. Emphasis on experience record and performance ..