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For almost every product we use, explosives likely had a hand in making them available for us and our families. Oil for the energy we use, metal for the cars we drive and medicines we consume are all made possible because of explosives and 200 years of explosives innovations.

Learn about the history of explosives and the technical advancements that have made the ultimate power tool in the all new Explosives: The Power Tool movie available now for streaming or purchase.

Created by Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) and the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) and sponsored by Nobel Insurance, this 56 minute video features seven chapters tackling explosives statistics; history; products; technology; careers; safety and security; and the environment.

The name Explosives: The Power Tool may sound familiar. First developed in 1969 and originally titled Tools for Progress, Explosives: The Power Tool was last revised in 2007. The original vision was eventually expanded and a new version launched in 2017. Many manufacturers, distributors, and users of explosives provided extraordinary access to their operations and personnel, allowing the viewer with an inside look at the commercial explosives industry.

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