Issue Theme ISEE Editorial Bonus Distribution Material Closing

May/June 2017

Optimization - Drill Automation/Navigation and Photogrammetry

SEE Education Foundation

Members Survey Results

Southeast Blasting Conf (2018, 2020) 

Editorial Close: March 5
Ad Close: March 15
Artwork Due: April 5

ISEE Membership Directory

   ISEE Explosives Product Guide  

Ad Close: April 15
Artwork Due: May 1

July/August 2017 Rock Fragmentation Using New Technology   EFEE World Conference

Editorial Close: May 5
Ad Close: May 15
Artwork Due: June 5

September/October 2017

Global Trends in Mineral Commodity Supplies

Case Studies - Urban Blasting Techniques

Student Call for Papers

Penn State D & B Conf

Potomac Chapter Seminar

Editorial Close: July 5
Ad Close: July 15
Artwork Due: August 15

November/December 2017 Case Studies - Construction Tunneling

Annual Conference Preview - San Antonio

SEE Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Kentucky Blasting Conference Editorial Close: September 5
Ad Close: September 15
Artwork Due: October 5
January/February 2018 Case Studies - Construction Excavation and Rock Slope Design

ISEE Annual Report

ISEE’s Annual Conference

SME Annual Conference

Editorial Close: November 5
Ad Close: November 15
Artwork Due: December 5
March/April 2018 Tools for Managing Risk and Blast Fume Management

Highlights of the Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique

Call for Papers

Best in the West Drill and Blast Conference

Ohio Drill and Blast Conf

Western Canada AGM

CIM Conference

Editorial Close: January 5
Ad Close: January 15
Artwork Due: February 5

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