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Entertainment & Demolition

When: 8-10 p.m. EDT Tuesday, March 30

What: Lights! Camera! Action! Take a behind-the-scenes look at how explosives are used in action movies, concerts and on the 4th of July. You will also learn how explosives are used every day to take down buildings and structures.

Who: Tassilo Baur, Mark Johnson, Amanda McLean Nixon, Roberto Folchi, Ron Gilbert, Jim Redyke

How Much: Free

Hour 1: Entertainment

Proximate Stage Pyrotechnics

Amanda McLean Nixon, Pyroam, Inc

Amanda is the former CEO of Luna Tech Pyrotechnik in Germany, distributing theatrical pyrotechnic supplies and providing show services in Europe and the former CEO of Luna Tech, Inc. which manufactured theatrical and specialty pyrotechnics. Amanda is currently CEO of Pyroam, Inc. which provides pyrotechnic materials to the proximate pyro industry and provides show services. She presents us with how proximate pyrotechnics are used.

Aerial Displays/Fireworks

Mark Johnson, J&M Displays

Mark is the Vice President of J&M Displays, Inc., and has more than 30 years of experience working in many facets of entertainment pyrotechnics. Mark works closely with factories in China, Europe and the USA that produce pyrotechnics and fireworks. He designs many of the fireworks that J&M Displays uses in productions across the Country and will be sharing his experiences and the history of fireworks.

Movies and Television

Tassilo Baur, The FX Dept

Tassilo Baur owns the FX Dept in Hollywood California and is a special effects supervisor for movies and TV with over four decades of experience. Tas is also an author, consultant, educator, and a leading researcher on special effects related technology and safety, with an extensive background in manufacturing.

Hour 2: Demolition

Bridge Demolition

Roberto Folchi, Owner, Nitrix

Roberto is an Italian contractor experienced in explosives engineering for building and bridge demolition, open pit and underground excavations, and underwater demolition. Roberto presents us with some of the bridge demolition in Europe that he has undertaken over the past 35 years.


Building Demolition

Ron Gilbert, Vice President of Dykon Explosive Demolition; Jim Redyke – President of Dykon Explosive Demolition

Ron and Jim share with us their experiences as building demolition contractors and offer their thoughts as we watch them take down three large stacks and a steel structure in addition to sharing with us their past building and bridge demolition projects over their more than 70 years of combined experience.

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