A series of signature boreholes were blasted to observe any difference between confined and free face blasts. Four geophones were used to capture the compressive wave. The conventional approach, i.e. the calculation of vectorized peak particle velocity (vPPV) did not show any difference. Also a wavelet transform was tested.
The following full paper will go into the products, techniques and people who work in the avalanche control industry giving insight to the other members of the ISEE an overview of the niche blasting that is Avalanche Control.
The modern era has seen a boom in virtual training platforms. This study details the effectiveness & applicability of online training in comparison to in-person training for the drill & blast industry.
The USDA - Wildlife Services has been removing beaver dams with explosives for over 30 years. This paper will discuss the history of the explosives program, summarize how we've evolved, and highlight our work removing beaver dams in unique locations.