What a fun way to close out a successful conference with the Grand Network Gala. Among those who attended was a Cher and Elton John look-alikes and if you were there you can't forget members of the Rat Pack, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Frank Sinatra. Lots of savory food options, including these awesome ISEE cupcakes that are pictured and a seafood bar. This truly was the event to go to.

It was a great turn out Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022, as nearly 250 people headed out to the Mob Museum for the Emerging Professionals Social.

Situated in a three-floor historical U.S. Post Office and Courthouse built in 1933, the Mob Museum is full of historical relics from the olden days of bootlegging and organized crime. Attendees were treated to food and drinks as they walked the halls of this one-of-a-kind museum.

Recognition awards were given out in the evening to the volunteers who helped with the Explosives Everyday! project, including: Jim Redyke, Roberto Folchi, Ron Gilbert, Mark Johnson, Amanda Mclean, Tassilo Baur, Richard O'Meara, Jim Daley, Jason Baird, Brian Gorsage, Mark Ganster, Kyle Perry, Jerry Wallace, Kristen Kolden, Jared Redyke, Chuck Dowding, Cathy Aimone-Martin, Joseph Meyers, Ralph Burnham, Kelly Ratliff, Kristie Bishop, Brian Lewis, Johan Gjodvad and Drew Martin. Alastair Torrance was recognized for his role as the series host, and Travis Davidsavor was recognized for his contribution as project lead and moderator for each episode.

The Blasters Weekend included a training seminar on Saturday designed specifically for the blaster in the field. The seminar qualified for blasters re-training hours in several states. Morning instructors and topics included: Welcome and Introduction, Larry Mirabelli, Blasters Training Committee Chairman Securing Explosive Materials: A Prime Responsibility of Industry - Ric Hosley, Connecticut Explosives Company (presented by Janeen Smith); Fundamentals of Blast Design - Joe Nawrocki, Dyno Nobel, Inc.; Loading Bulk Blasting Agents and Quality Control on the Bench - Evan Hagenlock, Austin Powder Company; and Optimizing the Use of Electronic Detonators - Gavin Yuill, ENAEX USA.

In the afternoon, two workshops were held in two concurrent sessions: Field Practice Guideline for Blasting Seismographs Workshop – Cathy Aimone Martin, Aimone-Martin Associates LLC, Facilitator and ATF Explosive Storage Regulations Workshop – William Joa, Dyno Nobel, Inc., Facilitator.

Sunday included a repeat of the Seismograph workshop, a fall protection workshop (facilitator Lewis Clarke), the regulatory panel discussion, video roundup and welcome reception in the exhibit hall where blasters had the opportunity to view the latest product innovations in blasting technology.